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Trust in the most extensive expertise on the market. We have valuable and in-depth experience across all areas of aviation. The following example gives you a little insight into how we work. The task was to establish a large airline in a new market.



Following my personal introduction with the CV, now the “ROAD MAP” introduction.

I suggest going forward with some Strategic Plan elements for the entry requirements of the airline into Germany.

I want to bring into discussion the political situation and the domestic issues which follows of the announcement of revenue flights into Germany, is it Frankfurt or Berlin, Munich too.

We always see plans behind those numbers, even when the major player in this section of industry gets notice of the project.

Our excellence is our experience and the know-how of the Team – from the beginning and the advantage of assignments from both sides of the fields.

That is why we attached our CVs very frankly.

Our Organization on the critical few choices that will help them win in the marketplace of aviation. It may detail elements such as:

  • the specifics for implementing brand plans in the marketplace of aviation
  • the manner in which channel and customer segmentation will be deployed
  • capabilities which are developed to enable the Strategy for launching systems in aviation
  • Organization Design elements that will be added, altered or eliminated – operational manuals (OMs)
  • required department and functional processes to drive compliance.
  • analytical & Planning tools and systems to drive execution in aviation
  • Required systems improvements and integration.

The list could go on.

Our Road Map address key strategic issues on:

  • how to get the ENTRY REQUIREMENT for revenue flights into Germany for the airline
  • how to improve revenue flights & profitability by business selected SLOTS in the traffic flow management on GERMAN major airports
  • how to embed trade spend across the infrastructure for those marketplaces, such as BERLIN, MUNICH and FRANKFURT with the systems behind the aircraft, such as HANDLINGS-, DISPATCH AND PROCESSING SYSTEMS,

And Effective plans drive organizational alignment among our Team and the customer, here the Administration of the Airline and/or the Administration of the Ministry of Transport.

Primary considerations are typically:

  • What effort is required of our Team?
  • What is required from the Team of the Customer (Airline / Ministry of Transport)

We like to construct it, using a very simple outline:

OGSI – Objectives Goals Strategies and Initiatives.

The procedural method works like this:


are one or two overarching statements of what you want to achieve. This is usually a set of words developed in a way that it will live on in the course of action of this plan.

Therefore, it should be broad in the meeting.

Examples are, how it works

  • with the general approval by the NAA (National Aviation Authority) for Revenue Flights into Germany.
  • so-called SLOTS for special airports in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt and may be Munich)
  • to aligned industrial fields to customer with a large network in aviation, which includes to propose recommendation of local Handling Systems.


are next.

In general, goals are the specific metrics to measure of effectiveness.

Our approach is to get the entry and landing permissions in Germany for the airline.

Further goals should be broader and more indicative of longer-term targeting, as continuous local support by way of example: for changing entry requirement due to


Further examples are common EASA acceptance and permissions for operation within the EU airspace at all.



follow goals. These are the specific ways in which the objectives and the goals will be achieved. Strategies should stand the test of time and typically will not change over the life of the road map. The key to writing these is to project how our concept works with specialists in aviation.

Examples include:

  • lobbying of the Policy and Compliance creation within the EASA standardization to achieve the permissions
  • establish a Pre- and Post-Promotion measurement capability and discipline within the organization (Airline and Administration) for EASA flight operation manuals (OM´s)
  • guide an Integrated Commercial Planning Process (Dispatch-, Handling Systems and Processing at all, etc.)
  • train and develop your aviation organization to advance trade investment improvements for special EASA demands.

Unlike Strategy,


typically, do not run over the life of the anticipated Road Map. They must be changed often by our Team during the critical and specific project activities and actions from other Lobbyists following not the Strategies.

The benefit of our approach is, that the organization of the Airline (customer) has the Road Map for how it will improve itself. It can be budgeted, measured, and should remove any ambiguity of success by itself. It is just the right way to run any function.

So how do we ensure that the strategy gets executed?

It starts with proper customer planning in briefings with the Airline Representatives and the respective Government Administration of Transportation and some more audits with our Team.

Kind Regards

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